Our Story

Hey, my name is Alexis Small, the creative entrepreneur, the owner of BTE Creative Shoppe LLC. I am a mother of two daughters. I am also thriving daily to provide the best for my daughters with unstoppable faith. So I decided to add to my life and start a faith-based business. Where God gets all the glory for the blessings through these hands. 

During this time, I started realizing my gifts of encouraging, empowering, and supporting others with love. I did these things without me evening noticing it at first continuously. So I decided to go back to school for Culinary Arts for something I loved to do. I became a sugar artist that loves to paint and mix colors to make favorable candy apples, treats, and more. I needed to balance out my visions, my skills in baking and cooking. And also add the love of unique crafts for all occasions, creative paper crafts, designing gift baskets, elegant candy tables, and extraordinary decor with the love of designing. It became to be a great success to add to my new adventures.

The creativity side comes from a love of art. When creating things that make people happy makes me very happy. In the process of perfecting my craft, I found a great passion for designing blankets, creating art, and sewing pillows. All of my wonderfully unique styles have been self-taught because I was self-driven. I then was a self-taught seamstress, where I started sewing and designing pillows with my creative styles. The creativity in me drew me into painting pillows and canvas with my uniqueness for my clients and friends. We have also added other exclusive pieces of our creative pillows, notebooks, journals, accessories collections where we love offering unique design scenes for special occasions, stories, events, empowering others, and more. Now we are currently providing unique gifts, extraordinary decor, and accessories shop experience for all lovers of creative styles for life-lasting memories with excellence. One of our greatest passions is creating memorable moments, seeing huge smiles with such peaceful hearts, and touching the lives of others through statements on products. We are creating unique designs daily for our exclusive line of products.

Now the website is available for you to visit and order whenever you want to and also offer pre-orders if it's on the popular demand list. Go to the website and sign up for our email list to stay connected and receive all the updates with the great news to come. BTE Creative Shoppe uses all high demand social platform for expanding. You can find our companies business cards, brochures, pictures, and many more on here and website. Our heart desire is for BTE Creative Shoppe to reach the masses and make a difference through our beautiful work. The excellence in making my customers smile with the joy of seeing my work.